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The Afropella Griot

"When the heart overflows, it comes out through the mouth."
— Ethiopian Proverb

Mama Deborah is Co-Founder and Facilitator of DiscoverME / RecoverME an intervention program providing aid to the process of social trauma recovery.

Griot-in-Residence at the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum, Mama Deborah is a Life Member of the National Association of Black Storytellers, a Life Member of the Griots' Circle of Maryland, and an Instructor-Mentor in the Growing Griots' Literacy Learning Program.

A community ARTivist, Mama Deborah co- created and hosted "The Talking Drum" on Maryland Public Television and created Mama Talk (the Afropella Griot and the Dance Griot). As a member of WombWork Productions, Mama Deborah contributes as a board member, costumer, mentor, performer and writer. A graduate and undergraduate alumnus of Morgan State University, Mama Deborah shares the African Oral Tradition at schools, colleges, hospitals, museums, festivals, conferences, churches and other community gatherings. Mama Deborah’s passport has been stamped in Africa (West, North and South), America (North and South) as well as in Europe.

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